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Welcome to Red Chilli Catering

Namibia's top Catering specialists for any occasion. 

Festivals, Weddings, Functions, Parties, Events, Special Occasions, Corporate Catering.

We specialize in a vast selection of top tasting snack platters and buffet menus for any occasion. With vast experience in the catering industry, Red Chilli Catering can handle any and all your catering needs. Satisfaction Guaranteed!   

Have a look at some great menus and platters we offer!!! And feel free to contact us anytime for a free quotation.


Snack Platters

Snack Platter Menu 2018

SNACK PLATTER MENU (serves 10 pax) – items per person on platters

2x Crispy Chicken Wing pieces with honey & mustard sauce, 2x Asian Samoosas, Assorted Canapès – 1x Egg salad & 1x Chicken Mayonaise, 1 x Mini Home made Quiche 2x Meatballs with Gherkin & Tomato, 1x Cocktail Savoury Mince pie.

1x Cocktail Vetkoek filled with Curry Mince, 2x Bacon & Cherry rolls, 1x Asian Samoosa, 1 x Chicken drumstick, 1x Mini Russian skewers in batter, 2x Chicken Mayo Mini Wraps 1x Homemade Bacon & Spinach Quiche Square, 1x Deep Fried Danish Cheese Stick with Cherry Sweet Chilli Dip.

(served with a honey & mustard dip)
1x Mini Hamburger with Monkey gland sauce, 2x Salami & Olives sticks, 1x Mini Thai Chicken wrap, 1x Mini Beef Kebab, Pork / Chicken Schnitzel strips, 1x Smoked Salmon Canapé with Capers 1x Deep Fried Danish Cheese Stick with Cherry Sweet Chilli Dip 1x Roast beef on French loaf with Rocket & Cream Cheese.

(served with a honey & mustard dip)
1x Bacon & Cherry roll, 1x Chicken Mayo Canapès, 1x Mini Prawn Kebab, 1x Mini Beef Rouladen with Horseradish & gherkin, 1x Pizza Square, 2x Crispy Chicken wing pieces, Pork / Chicken Schnitzel strips with sesame seed crust, 2x Smoked Salmon Canapès with capers & cream cheese.

(served with a spicy sweet & sour dip)
3x Sticky Spare rib (pork) pieces, 2x Mini Beef Kebabs, 1x Chicken Liver wrapped in Bacon, 1x Biltong & Droëwors Bite 2x Chicken roll slice with basil & mozzarella cheese, 2x Meatball with Gherkin & Tomato, 1x Russian Bites (Vienna piece rolled up in Bacon), 1x Chicken Drumstick.

2x Deep Fried Crumbed Prawns, 2x Fish in Batter Nuggets 1x Smoked Salmon mini wrap with Cream cheese, 2x Cocktail Calamari Kebab with tartar sauce 2x Fish cake balls on toothpick with tomato & gherkins, 1x Mini wraps with Spicy Crab sticks filling 2x Crumbed Mussels, 1x Tuna Mayo wrap.

2x Crumbed Mushrooms, 1x Deep Fried Danish Cheese Stick with Cherry Sweet Chilli Dip 2x Peppadew Cream Cheese & Salad wraps, 2x Veg Samoosas, Assorted Vegetables, Cherry Tomatoes, Celery sliced up with dip 2x Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Crostini's.

100gr Biltong per person, 100gr Droëwors per person.

Seasonal Fruit Sliced up, served on a platter.

1x Tiramisu cup, 1x Cocktail Koeksister, 1x Mini Cupcake, 1 x Mini Milk Tart.

Buffet Menu

Buffet menu 1 

Roasted Chicken pieces, T-bone (400gr), Beer Batter Hake fillet , Garlic Potatoes,

Broccoli & Cauliflower with Cheese sauce,  Greek salad, Mushroom sauce & Pepper sauce, Roasted veggies & couscous salad,

Assorted mini dessert platters - Cupcakes, Koeksisters, Tiramisu cups

Buffet menu 2

Chicken a la King, Roast Beef in red wine gravy or mushroom sauce, Mama's Rice, Mielies, Sweet Butternut, Greek Summer salad

Assorted mini dessert platters - cupcakes, koeksisters, tiramisu cups

Buffet menu 3

Chicken medallions in Sweet Mustard sauce, Beef Stroganoff, Mama's rice, Pea & Corn Salad, Spinach, Beetroot & Mushroom salad, Garlic & parsley potatoes

Assorted mini dessert platters - cupcakes, koeksisters, tiramisu cups

Buffet menu 4

Mild Thai Chicken Curry, Pork medallions in mustard sauce, Beef Stroganoff, Mama's rice, Garlic potatoes, Greek Salad, Coleslaw & Apple salad with walnuts,

Marula Mamba / Malva Pudding

Buffet menu 5

Roasted chicken pieces, Game Steaks in Cream sauce with mushrooms & bacon, Oven Roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary, Mama's Rice, Mielies, Greek garden Salad, Beetroot salad

Malva pudding with custard

Buffet menu 6

T-bone 400gr), Grilled Pork chops (150gr), Mild Thai Chicken Curry, Mama's Rice, Garlic Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, Sweet Butternut, Garden Salad, Carrot & Pine salad

Assorted mini dessert platters - cupcakes, koeksisters, tiramisu cups

Buffet menu 7 (choose 3 main)

Beef Lasagna, Smoke Salmon Quiche, Venison pie, Chicken & mushroom pie, Garden Salad, Roasted Veg & Couscous salad, Carrot & Pineapple Salad

Lemon Cheesecake

Buffet menu 8

Roast Chicken, Roast Beef Loin with Mushroom or Pepper sauce, Roast Pork with Apple mousse or mustard sauce, Mash, Mama's Rice, Mixed Veggie Stir-fry, Greek salad,

Malva pudding with custard

Buffet menu 9

Braaivleis: Lamb Chop, Beef sosaties, Boerewors, Pork Belly, Chicken Piece,

Garden salad, Potato Salad, Pasta Salad

Pap & Sheba (tomato & onion relish), or Mielie & Cheese Bread with Butter


Buffet menu 10

Beef Stroganoff, Chicken / Wiener Schnitzel with Cheese sauce

Mama's rice, Garlic & Onion potatoes,  Creamy Vegetable bake

Carrot & pineapple salad, Garden Salad


Buffet menu 11

Mustard Oven Baked Chicken, Beef Oxtail, Mama's Rice, Mash potatoes, 

Sweet Butternut, Mielies / Creamed Spinach

Tomato Three Bean Salad, Greek Salad, Coleslaw with apple & raisins

Lemon Cheesecake / Marula Mamba

Buffet menu 12

Seafood Paella, Roast beef loin (sirloin) Mushroom or Chilli & Chocolate sauce, Pepper sauce

Home made Bread with Jams & Butro, Garlic Butter Potatoes,

Baby Potato salad with mint, garlic & Yoghurt, Garden Salad,

Koeksisters, Tiramisu cups

Buffet menu 13 

Stew, Pork Curry with Mango, Mamma's Rice, 

Sweet butternut, fried Green Beans with Bacon & Onion,

Garden salad, Potato Salad with gherkins & egg,

Malva pudding with custard

Buffet menu 14

Fish Bake, Roast Beef, Grilled Chicken, Mama's Rice

Garlic & Parsley Potatoes, Sweet carrots, Cauliflower & White sauce

Garden Salad, Spinach, Mushroom & Bacon Salad or Pea & Mielie Salad or Curry Peach Pasta Salad


Buffet menu 15

Spitbraai – Lamb 300gr per person, Choose 4 Salads

Tomato Three Bean Salad / Traditional Potato Salad / Carrot & Pineapple Salad /

Curry Peach Pasta Salad / Coleslaw with Apple & Raisins,

Mielie & Cheese Bread with Butro & Assorted jams

Mini Cupcakes & Cocktail Koeksisters

More Salads available

Traditional Potato Salad

Garden Salad

Peach Curry Pasta Salad

Pea & Corn Salad with Mayonnaise

Tomato Three Bean Salad

Moroccan Couscous Salad

Three Bean Tomato salad

Coleslaw with apple & raisins

Breyani Rice Salad with peas, coriander & eggs

 Spinach, Almond & Cranberry Salad

Royal Potato Salad (with basil, peas & parmesan)

Summer Salad with Fruit & Nuts

Greek Salad with Danish Feta & Olives

Baby Potatoes, with fresh mint, garlic & yoghurt

Spinach, Mushrooms, Roasted seeds & Bacon Salad

Carrot & Pineapple Salad

Bean salad with Peppers & Coriander 

Thai Curry Noodle Salad,Coriander & bean sprouts

Harissa Chick Peas & Baby Marrow salad

No delivery fee included.

Dinner Plate, Knife, Fork, Toothpick, Salt & Pepper N$5-00 per person.

Prepacked Meals available on request.

Delivery outside Windhoek N$12 p/km.

10 Chafing dishes with 20 fuels included. 

Extra Chafing dish with 2 Fuels will be rented for your account @ N$100-00 per Chafing dish with 2 fuels.

Staff to Dish up N$ 120 per Staff needed. for function.

Buffet Food Stations Set Up & Break Up Fee N$350.00